Community-style acupuncture

Classic Acupuncture is the first Acupuncture clinic in the Chippewa Valley area to offer Community- style acupuncture.

Community acupuncture is practiced in a group, rather than in an one-on-one setting. The treatments are primarily on the front of the body, and mainly on distal points (legs, arms, hands, feet, ears, etc.) while you relax. This is the way that acupuncture is traditionally done in Asia. Community-style clinics charge less which makes treatment affordable.

Cost: $40 per treatment, first appointment additional $10 intake fee. By appointment please call (715) 944-9707

Private Room

Classic Acupuncture also offers  acupuncture treatment in a private  room. Many patients prefer the privacy and quiet that the room offers.  Additionally, not all conditions can be treated in Community acupuncture, that is when a private room is recommended.

Cost: $60 per treatment, first appointment additional $10 intake fee. By appointment, please call (715) 944-9707

therapist placing needles in clients back

Other Therapies

In addition to Acupuncture, Classic Acupuncture also uses several other healing modalities to help with your healing process (at additional fees).


this is an indirect warming technique used to stimulate Acupuncture points and promote temperature balance in the body.

cupping 2


Cupping is the use of glass cups on specific areas to promote the flow of blood and relieve pain.


Guasha is a massage-like technique utilizing a round edges instrument to stimulate affected areas of the body

auricular 1

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular is Acupuncture that is applied to specific areas of the ear to produce a therapeutic response.

Electro-stim Acupuncture

Electro-stim Acupuncture is a micro current device that is used with Acupuncture needles to help relieve pain and is effective in repairing tissue

67112360 - close-up of patient getting electro dry needling on his back in clinic